CRITICAL MESS is an experiment in the flexibility of the term “text.” Academic canon would have you believe that only certain volumes are worthy of criticism, when in reality the world is ripe with fodder for our scrutiny. Whether it be an amateur YouTube video, a Facebook rant, or a Tinder profile, somebody worked very hard to create it: and so we must work very hard to tear it to shreds.

Everything is text; all text is prey.


bnw headshotLauren is a writer, editor, and amateur nerd from the beautiful Front Range of Colorado. While she writes primarily about things other people have written, she also authors fiction, essays, and the occasional joke. Lauren has a B.A. in English from CU-Boulder, a severe elevation-related superiority complex, and a great anecdote about bleeding on Bill Clinton that you should ask her about sometime.

Find Lauren on Twitter @lnthurman, or email her at lauren.n.thurman@gmail.com

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